If you wish to build your own structure to suit Fibrethatch, a number of points need to be covered.

a) Rafters to be stained or painted prior to erection or addition of thatching.
Pitch not sufficient ------------------- Preferred Pitch

b) Pitch of structure should be 33° or above for maximum runoff, better weathering properties and a longer life.

 c) Rafters to fit inside main beam where possible to give a nice solid edge to thatching.

d) Rafters continue up over main ridge to reduce width of ridge gap between the thatch.

e) A barge board raised 70-80mm above the rafter top is required to hold the thatching in place and give a finished edge to the structure.


f) Rafter spacing should not exceed 800mm if 8mm rod is going to be used to clip the thatch panel onto rafter above.

g) If all the above steps have been followed Fibre Thatch can attach the thatch panels in place to give you a cool, water resistant roof material you can enjoy for many years to come.





These need to be carefully constructed to avoid the use of expensive, less efficient corner panels or tiles. Construction of structures without corner ridges should be considered. Advice on how to construct the structures should be obtained from Fibrethatch before embarking on a construction which may be unsuitable for the fitting of thatching.



We specialise in the production of custom designed kit structures utilising larger posts with greater spacing, such as 5 metre diameter structures on 4 posts, or oval structures 5.4m by 3.9m on 4 posts. We also specialise in spanning swimming pools. Contact us with your requirements and let us achieve a unique solution.Round Gazebo

"Look, only four large poles for a custom 5m structure"