Roofs have been thatched in many parts of the world, usually by necessity, for thousands of years.

In Australia Fibre Thatch has streamlined this process for the 21st century taking into account our unique conditions while retaining all the excellent properties attributed to thatching.

Some of these benefits include:

1. Fibre Thatch can be adapted to suit any number of building styles.

2. The ability to 'breathe', as it is cooler than other man-made materials such as tin, polycarbonate, clay tiles and wood shingles.

3. When dampened Fibrethatch acts as an evaporative cooler, or "Coolgardie Safe",  significantly dropping the air temperature below the roof structure.

4. The stiff texture of Fibre Thatch, or Cape Reed Thatch enables it to withstand the strong winds prevelant in many regions of Australia, particularly along the west coast.






Why thatch?

Our unique roofing system provides the flexibility to do the following:

- Tailor structures to your needs, in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, both domestic and commercial.

- Thatching in the form of tiles or panels to thatch a whole roof which is quick to erect, easy to disassemble, transport and relocate, if required.

- Thatch over gazebos, pergolas, spas, pools, awnings and verandahs are not only possible but a MUST.

- Include thatch in Commercial projects in cafes, parks, playgrounds, kindergartens, child care centres, schools and resorts.

See our Ideas page for examples of custom designs you could use.