Fibre Thatch

Fibre Thatch personnel have been involved in thatch structures in Western Australia since the early 1980's.

Bali, or Indonesian thatch, was initially used, but discontinued. It was found to be quite unsuitable for most outdoor areas due to the strong prevailing winds resulting in damage and a reduced lifespan.

In 1991, through the landscape company Proscape, and later Sunshader W.A., Cape Reed Thatch from South Africa was used with great success. Many of the photographs located on this webpage are produced by these original suppliers of thatch in this state.

Cape Reed Thatch is available in panels which can be clipped onto existing structures (if suitably designed), or provided in kit form from small umbrellas to large round, oval, square, or rectangular structures (especially using soft corners).



Personnel from Fibre Thatch, while working for Proscape have supplied and erected thatch at the Kimberley Klub in Broome, Exmouth (structure survived Cyclone Vance), Kalgoorlie, Kambalda and mining sites east as far as Mt Morgan Mines, near Laverton.

Numerous structures have been erected throughout the wheatbelt with Merredin, Moora and Mullewa being but a few. In the Southwest, structures from Mandurah through to Albany have given many people a cooler roof which is more pleasant to relax under during our hot dry summer.